What Has Team 34 Been Doing?

As a FRC Robotics team, we are given the video of an upcoming game and are challenged to create a robot to compete. Each team, however, has multiple subteams to complete each task. Our team has a build, programming, design, multi-media, and scouting team. We all separate into groups during our many meetings.

Our design team is continually designing components and mechanisms to put on our robot. They are working in Autodesk Inventor to create blueprints, and virtual models. The virtual models of the mechanisms are put together to show our robot being created step by step. So far this season (as of 24 January 2017) They have designed the climber, shooter, frame, and have designed the drive base.

Our programming team has completely changed our strategy for the autonomous. In our past, they have hard-coded our autonomous. This year they are using spreadsheet files to be able to dynamically program our autonomous based on the circumstances. They have also been working on vision with an Nvidia Jetson TK1. They are using a camera and retroreflective tape to detect the boiler and send that data to the robot. They are also working on making the code easy to move from project to project.

Our multimedia team has been hard at work creating 3D animations in blender, chromakeying photos, and videos, keeping up with social media, updating our website, and documenting the build through photography. They are also working hard to create our first interactive engineering notebook. Our contribution to the game is a reveal video that will be due on the 18th of February.

Our build team has been working on building the prototypes that the design team has created. They have so far created 2 prototypes. A section of the build team is also responsible for building a mock game field. So far, by the 24 January 2017, they have built the prototype for the climber and shooter. They have begun building the frame that will soon become our robot.

Last but not least, our Scouting and Strategy team have taught the new recruits how to scout using the 2009 game, Lunacy. They have begun discussing strategies for the upcoming 2017 game Steamworks